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Matthew D.
Tempe, AZ

You mean I'm the first one to review this place? Wow. I was expecting all kinds of people to be just giving this place rave reviews. Well, maybe I can start something. . .

This place ended up being half the price of some of the other places in the area, but when we got there, it was a big, clean, well-maintained motel with a large pool, spa and a big room with a refrigerator, microwave, and a safe for valuables. When we checked in, the man at the front desk gave us coupons for 4 free drinks in their "fiesta room", as well as a coupon for a complementary breakfast. We got free wifi internet, and our fare was cut to about $50 for the two of us together because we were visiting a relative in the hospital at the nearby Tucson Medical Center.

Overall though, this place was a deal and a half. Plus, next door is the fantastic restaurant Firkin and Friar (we even got a discount there for staying here). This is the place to go and stay in Tucson. It has lots of features to like. The next time we have to stay in Tucson, I know who to call for a comfy bed and complementary food and drink. Thanks guys, we appreciate your hospitality. The hotel chain that leaves "the light on for you" can match the price, but not the service or the treats.

Katie D.
Huntington Beach, CA

Breakfast and happy hour (snacks, beer, & wine) included?! Bring it on! We got the room through Orbitz, so I'm not sure how much it really was but it seemed like a really good deal. We stayed in one of the suites which was nice. I think it took about 25-30 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes to the UofA. I would say a 3 star hotel, but the yummy breakfast and happy hour kick it up one! Would stay here again.


Reviewed November 7, 2012 NEW
This was our 4th time at the Ramada Foothills over the last 10 years, and each time the hotel has made improvements. Great customer services, beautiful grounds, fun beer and wine hour and satisfying breakfast- not fancy, but there is always a hot dish and hard boiled eggs. We think it's a very good value and look forward to staying there at our next visit to Tucson.


This hotel is excellent, and I would definitely stay there again. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful.
The breakfast and social hour made choosing this hotel a good thing to do.

Peter P Fredericton, Canada

Thank you to the Ramada Foothills for giving me a lovely place for rest during the various times when i came to Tucson this past year during my dear 90-year-old father-in-law's terminal illness and death. Those days were sad and exhausting, and the peaceful and pretty place to stay, with friendly staff and the good, convenient breakfast, played a very important part in my being able to drive over from NM (200 miles) to handle difficult matters in Tucson, and then drive back home to care for my 95-year-old mother and also go to work!! Your hotel and its good people were truly a gift from God Himself during this very difficult time. In this most recent stay, I did the final matters of closing my father-in-law's home, exactly one year after I'd been there for his funeral services. I won't be coming back to Tucson on business any more, but I certainly look forward to another stay at the Ramada for a fun visit to shop and have lunch with friends, as soon as I can get the time. Thanks to each of you, Sylvia Lemmon


Muchas gracias pr sus atenciones, mi esposa y yo nos sentimos muy comodos con ustedes. mil gracias una vez mas

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